MIRANOVICH – immaculate elegance

MIRANOVICH – is immaculate and elegant forms, perfect cut and fit, excellence in every detail.

Brand concept combines tendency to femininity and modernity, without sacrificing comfort and practicality. Each item in the collection of MIRANOVICH – is the result of the hard work of a designer, the high requirements for fabrics and materials, constant play around color and texture.

MIRANOVICH collections are characterized by image completeness. Here you can find dresses, skirts, trousers, blouses, jackets, vests, coats.

MIRANOVICH  brand admires strong and self-confident woman, who does not follow fashion blindly, and uses it on the basis of personal characteristics and concepts of femininity and style.

In 2009 brand designer, Mironovich Anastasia,  graduated from  the  University of Modern Knowledge AM Shirokov,   “Costume design and textiles” specialization.In 2010, she got a master’s degree in art from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts. A year later she founded the brand MIRANOVICH.

Since then, MIRANOVICH brand has found the leading position in the women’s clothing segment and continues to pursue chosen philosophy.